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Sentiment Model Accuracy Guarantee

  • The Thovallo Sentiment Model Accuracy Guarantee is provided as peace of mind for subscribers.

    The guarantee simply provides that all subscribers are entitled a full refund of their subscription fee if the S&P500 moves 5% or more in the opposite direction to the signal at any time following the signal date (or subscription date whichever is later) and from the opening level on the day of the signal up to the expiry of their subscription (up to one year) without first creating a new or reversing signal.  Thus creating an incorrect signal.

    On request, subscribers will be refunded in full their entire subscription fee paid where an incorrect signal has occurred.  As the signal is a long term trend signal, an incorrect signal is defined as a signal that is followed by an opposing move to the signal in the S&P500 of 5% above or below the S&P500 opening level on the day the signal is triggered (or subscription date whichever is later).