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Subscriber Testimonials

    I’ve been following the Elliott Wave reports from another service here in the US since 1994, and the quality and thoroughness and depth of Elliott Wave Analytics work with the Daily Market & Currency Reports, Trend Signal Analytics, Theoretical Portfolio Reports and Weekly & Monthly Forecasts completely eclipses their service, and honestly all the technical analysis newsletters I used to subscribe to.

    After two years Elliott Wave Analytics is now my most trusted market resource, and one that has been a much greater help in achieving my investment goals than any other service I’ve tried.

    If you are interested in studying the wave principle, or you just follow the ideas and wave forms that Ralph Elliott first noticed eighty years ago there is absolutely no better resource anywhere, period.

    Andrew M.
    Los Angeles
    CA USA

    The reliability is really there every day when I need to get the real pulse of the markets.  The website quickly puts into perspective the short, medium and long term future of stock and currency market trends so I can consistently get clear communication about the market.

    This service allows me to simply ignore the noise and hype created by the normal daily financial news and as a result I”m much less stressed and I no longer feel confused and over-saturated by conflicting information on the trends of the markets.  Finally I feel like I’m one of the insiders who knows about market direction and what the general public doesn’t.

    Being able to proactively anticipate the market’s next move and retire my previous habit of being reactive is wonderfully satisfying – unlike typical newsletters that leave you uncertain between monthly updates, Elliott Wave Analytics give me daily updates and keeps me continuously informed!

    I love your service!    I monitor, use and have come to depend on it every day in my trading strategy.
    Clay B.
    United States

    I subscribed to Elliott Wave Analytics in the latter part of 2011. Having seen some sample videos on YouTube, I was intrigued by the presentation of the Elliott Wave theory along with the combining of the more generally accepted momentum indicators, technical chart-pattern analysis, and Fibonacci tools. I have always believed that, at minimum, a correct Elliott Wave vantage point, and Fibonacci tools were required to give a trader any sort of conviction or confidence for trading.

    As any seasoned trader will tell you, having a high level of confidence when either entering or holding a position is nearly priceless and very hard to obtain. this confidence, probably better described as conviction, is exactly what the Elliott Wave Analytics (EWA) provides the subscriber. It is equally important to understand how this conviction is achieved by EWA. It is achieved, in my humble opinion, by EWA in the following ways:

    * The Elliott Wave count, both short, intermediate and long term, are used as the cornerstone foundation of the technical analysis.

    * Technical Momentum Indicators are used by the service to help the subscriber know when the more widely used technical analysis “confirms” what the Elliott wave count is telling you.

    * Incorporation of Fibonacci retracements are used to show likely turning points (and/or possible entry points) into the instrument being discussed

    * Alternative “possibilities” are also presented with the very important “Why?” being presented to the subscriber. This instills confidence to hold a position when there may be a short-term counter-productive change in the direction of price movement expected. This aspect of the service should NOT be minimized as many services are more concerned with “being right” than presenting possibilities which may show, short term, that price movement may temporarily be different than the most likely scenario.

    * On several occasions, I have inquired of EWA VIA e-mail. These inquiries have ranged from clarification as to how to use their “Trend Signal Analytics” for entering a trade, to asking about specific financial instruments which are not generally covered on a regular basis. In every instance, I felt like I was the only subscriber to this service as the turn-around time, the clarity of the message received back, and the quality of the answers, were always exceptional! It reminds me of businesses of old where the motto was often “The customer has first priority”. Sadly, I find in most businesses I interact with today, the customer is usually reduced to just another “unit” whom they can afford to ignore. There are no guarantees with trading. However, I guarantee, you will experience exceptional customer service and support with this service. It is literally second to none!

    * The information presented is clear, straightforward, and explained in detail. It is also timely. In fact, one of the biggest “bonuses” of this service is that the subscriber is sent en email message any time a portfolio change occurs. EWMS explains what position they are adding to their portfolio and you, as the subscriber, then have the option of acting by changing your portfolio positions to match that of the service or not. It’s like being able to “trade along with” an expert. A quick glance at the portfolio selections will easily let the subscriber know that these portfolio positions are often quite profitable by any standard of measuring.

    There is so much more I could say about this service but I believe that a potential subscriber can easily see the virtues listed above, plus many more, by simply taking advantage of the free, one-week trial.

    For many, the bottom line is results. To this, I can only speak of short term results as I have just recently been allotted the opportunity to trade my retirement account (401K). Before I detail my short term trading experience, I cannot emphasize enough that without the confidence and conviction given to me by the EWMS, I would not dare to attempt trade my retirement funds. I am a long term FOREX trader and understand fully the risks involved with trading. Before EWMS, I would never have the confidence to even consider “trading” this account. With EWA, not only am I confident in trading the account, but I’m actually excited about the real possibilities that I now have the ability to considerably grow this account before I retire. I do understand the risks involved. Nothing is 100% guaranteed. In this case, I finally feel “armed” with the knowledge (from EWA) to have an extraordinarily high probability of positive results.

    With that said, I recently began trading my retirement account. Since late 2007, with the limited options available to me at that time, I switched all of my funds into “ultra safe” accounts (IE: Government Bond funds and the like). This move “saved” my account from some of the devastating losses which many experienced with the onset of the global financial crisis of 2008. On the other hand, this strategy has only produced, on average, about a 1.5% return on investment for the past four years. Without EWA, I would still be 100% into those “save haven” securities. Anyone who keeps-up with the understanding of inflation quickly can come to the conclusion that this apparent 1.5% gain is actually a loss as the purchasing power our currency inherently has, is dropping at a rate far in excess of 1.5% per year.

    Now armed with the knowledge available to me with the EWA, I began trading within the past 30 days with my retirement account. The results thus far, are nothing less than astounding. In the first eight days of trading, My overall account value increased by an astounding 9.94% ! And that figure includes the fees paid to enter and exit those trades. I still have some of those positions open but have closed several with considerable profit. I , by no means expect to be able to consistently add nearly 10% to my entire account in eight days but I feel this is an excellent example of the possibilities what EWA opens-up for the subscriber. Again, what this service actually provides at it’s core is: confidence and peace of mind. Now, if a trade moves against me after entering (quite commonly expected if you are a seasoned trader) I don’t feel the need to “panic” and wonder if I made the wrong decision. To me, it is just a matter of time before my position moves back to positive. The real decision then is “Do I take profits and get out now, or should I hang-in there a little longer for more”. Again, EWA often answers this question as efficiently as it provided the answer to “getting-in” the trade to start with. With just this one example, the cost of the service has already easily paid for itself.

    My final advice is to try the free one week offer and see for yourself the outstanding presentations of many markets on a daily basis. Be prepared to be quite pleasantly surprised as Elliott Wave Analytics consistently exceeds expectations!

    Rich H
    United States