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Currency Forecast Service

    Get the latest and most comprehensive daily currency analysis by becoming a subscriber to the bundled Currency Forecast Service.

    Immediate access to the complete range of this ‘all-video’ Currency Forecast Service that comprehensively covers domestic the USD Index (USD), Euro Dollar (EUR/USD), Japanese Yen (JPY/USD), British Pound Sterling (GBP/USD), Australian Dollar (AUD/USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD/USD) and the Swiss Franc (CHF/USD) – all for the price you would expect to pay for just a single one of these services elsewhere.

    My philosophy is to offer a value for money independent market service that is simple, clear and precise – everything you see below is included in the very popular Currency Forecast Service, all for less than less $6 per week!

    Trend Signals Analytics (TSA) are a series of proprietary weighted algorithms utilising multiple data sources to deliver subscribers currency trend signals that are objective, clear, simple and precise.  Trend Signal Analytics models have been specifically designed to eliminate whipsaw often seen with many other indicators.
    Derived from the weighted aggregation of a number of demand and supply indicators along with various weighted trend indicators to deliver a method that greatly simplifies the process of understanding when an index is entering a bullish or a bearish trend.  These signals are used as the underlying basis to confirm or refute our market analysis, dramatically reducing the risk of being, well, wrong.

    A daily video newsletter service that analyses and forecasts the major and most traded currencies over multiple time frames.  This prompt and reliable daily forecast service allows members to understand where the currency markets on a timely basis, and importantly how the currency trends are progressing especially on those ‘in-between’ days that many other services don’t cover.

    Included is daily comprehensive video analysis of  the US Dollar (USD), Euro Dollar (EUR/USD), Japanese Yen (JPY/USD), British Pound Sterling (GBP/USD), Australian Dollar (AUD/USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD/USD) and the Swiss Franc (CHF/USD).

    A periodic email service covering key currency trend changes for members to follow.  Whilst not recommendations, members can use this service to observe how the tried, tested and successful trend analytics models perform in real time.

    Each periodic alert is supported by a bullish or bearish signal trigger derived from proprietary technology in either the direct instrument itself or in the case of a leveraged instrument, the underlying instrument .