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    The Elliott Wave Principle is a detailed description of how financial markets behave. The description reveals that mass psychology swings from pessimism to optimism and back in a natural sequence, creating specific Elliott wave patterns in price movements. Each pattern has implications regarding the position of the market within its overall progression, past, present and future. The purpose of Elliott Wave Analytics market-oriented publications is to outline the progress of markets in terms of the Wave Principle and to educate interested parties in the application of the Wave Principle.

    At no time will Elliott Wave Analytics make specific recommendations for any specific person or people, and at no time may a reader, or viewer be justified in inferring that any such advice is intended (either personal or general). Investing carries risk of losses, and trading futures or options is especially risky because these instruments are highly leveraged, and traders can lose more than their initial margin funds. Information provided by Elliott Wave Analytics is expressed in good faith, but it is not guaranteed.

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