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Is It Really Only Institutional Investors Selling?

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    July 31, 2014

    From CNBC/Yahoo Finance: Big money managers may be doing something retail investors aren’t – pulling money out of the market.

    “Last week, investors added $379 million into equity mutual funds (the kind that’s popular with retail investors) according to Thomson Reuters’ Lipper. At the same time, exchange-traded funds focusing on equities – the kind of securities traded by institutional investors – saw a whopping $7.97 billion in outflows.”

    I’m not sure I agree with that assessment that money being pulled aggressively out of ETF’s indicates that only institutional investors are lightening up positions, while retail investors pour more in.

    Money flows into and out of ETFs may have provided that kind of indication a few years ago when they were used predominantly by institutions, hedge funds, and other large investors.

    But in recent years, astute retail investors have pretty much caught onto the advantages of ETF’s over managed funds and end-of-day priced mutual funds.

    One reason to believe that retail investors utilizing ETF’s have also been pulling money out is the way the Russell 2000 has been tumbling. It has given back all its gains of the year and more, now down 2% YTD.


    It is the home of small stocks, the favorite arena of retail investors, and institutions are pretty much blocked out of such stocks. The small amount of holdings they could achieve with such small capitalization stocks would not make enough difference in their portfolios either way. Due to the $billions they are dealing with, they are pretty much confined to medium to large-cap stocks.

    The money still flowing into end-of-day priced mutual funds is probably from employees still contributing to their 401K and IRA plans and their employers’ matching contributions, and from those with a monthly dollar cost averaging strategy.

    Those two categories of public investors probably contribute most to the pattern I showed in my column two weeks ago (Will Investors Get Out On Time This Time-) which showed how public investors continue to put additional money into the market all the way down in bear markets, and only bail out in disgust after the bear has ended and the next bull market is underway.

    Most public investors may be more astute than that if the profit-taking in the small-cap Russell 2000 is any indication.

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