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Increased Volatility Could Flip Switch On Complacency!

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    July 11, 2014

    It’s no secret that volatility has been unusually low and benign. It can be seen in the volatility index VIX.


    It’s also no secret that low volatility breeds investor complacency.

    What’s to worry about if the Dow moves only in fractional increments, may not manage new highs by more than a fraction before pulling back, but also doesn’t decline by more than a fraction before bouncing back to yet another fractional new high.

    What’s to worry about if the market is incapable of even 3% declines, let alone the 10% correction that is supposedly overdue.

    But is a return of normal volatility overdue?

    At this point, long periods of triple-digit moves by the Dow of 200, 300, 400 points a day in one direction or the other, sometimes several in a row, have been pretty much forgotten.

    Yet it was not that long ago. In one worrisome time last summer there was one period when there were 15 days out of 21 when the Dow closed up or down by triple-digits, the worst a one-day plunge of 353 points, and down 718 points over one four-day stretch. (Yet altogether there was not even a 10% correction overall).

    But what would a return of such volatility do to the current unusual degree of investor complacency?

    Would it even encourage short-sellers back into action? 

    And as we have been showing you, the market is short-term overbought and our short-termindicators have been on a sell signal for two weeks now. We have also been concerned about European markets as we showed you a couple of days ago, and they have collapsed further since.

    The Stock Traders Almanac points out that volatility tends to increase in the summer after the July 4 holiday.

    Will volatility return and flip the switch on complacency?

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