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Market Short-Term Overbought, Long-Term Overvalued!

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    June 11, 2014

    The market has spiked higher, most indexes at new record highs.

    That has the market short-term overbought again, above 50-day moving averages, and above trendline support, making at least a short-term pullback quite likely.


    A pullback to its 50-day m.a. by the S&P 500 would amount to only 4%, to the trendline support only 6%.

    However, the market is also long-term overvalued, by 51% according to the Shiller CAPE 10 P/E ratio, by 85% according to the Q-Ratio, and by 30% or so according to Warren Buffet’s favored measurement, market-cap to GDP.  

    That’s not a good combination, short-term so overbought, long-term so overvalued.

    You could add in a few other concerns.

    Strong markets are usually the result of strong economies and rising corporate earnings.

    Instead, we have an already anemic economy that slowed significantly in the winter months, and is not seeing many signs of the expected spring recovery.

    And corporate profits, the normal driving force of the market, although beating Wall Street’s estimates, declined 9.8% in the 1st quarter according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    Our technical indicators have not triggered a sell signal, remaining neutral.

    But if investors do not feel the need to raise cash and take other steps to preserve capital now, when would they ever?

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