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Gallup Poll: Unemployment Now Top Problem In US

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    February 24, 2014

    More evidence that the government’s official unemployment rate (i.e., the one that has been dropping steadily over the last year or so, but primarily as a result of people dropping out of the workforce) may not be a particularly good indicator of the health of the labor market comes via this Gallup poll where jobs vaulted into the top spot on America’s problem list.

    Of course, the federal government’s recent tendency not to shoot itself in the foot about every six months has left a lot of people who, previously, thought Washington was our biggest problem looking for other problems and, as indicated below, they’ve settled in on the economy in general and jobs in particular.

    Jobs Problem

    Interestingly, just prior to the ill-fated launch of Obamacare, healthcare was seen as our number one problem as recently as five months ago and, of course, the government shutdown in the fall caused the spike in the black curve back in October.

    Republicans have changed their views dramatically in just the last month as those saying government is our top problem fell from 26 percent in January to 15 percent in February while those citing the labor market jumped from 11 percent to 24 percent.

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