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Time For Another Market Pause?

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    January 3, 2014

    Many interesting situations as we enter 2014.

    Thanks to the two-week spike-up in reaction to the Fed’s decision to begin tapering back its stimulus, the stock market has already become short-term overbought again. 



    The Dow has now been up 9 of the last 11 days.

    Time for another pullback to at least retest the support at the 50-day m.a.?

    Keeping an eye on gold.

    Since October of 2012 gold has repeatedly become short-term oversold beneath its 30-day moving average and overhead trendline resistance, and attempted a rally, only to have the resistance at either the m.a. or trendline halt the rally attempt in its tracks.



    With the potential support at its October low having failed to hold, the next potential support is at the July low.

    And after reaching that support, gold has been putting up a valiant stand over the last week or two, just enough buying coming in each time it threatens to break below the support to prevent it from doing so.

    Actually it has broken fractionally beneath its July closing low of $1,212, closing as low as $1,195 a few days ago.

    But this chart shows the intraday low in July, which was $1,183. And that has not been broken, and our indicators remain on the September 16 sell signal.

    And gold is attempting again to get a rally going this morning, up $22 an ounce at $1,224 at the moment. (The first resistance at the 30-day m.a. is at $1,235).

    One of these times the bottom will be in, and this could be it. But it will have to prove it. 

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