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Weekend US Market Forecast

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    December 1, 2013

    This week’s video log is a free look at our subscriber only Daily US Market Forecast as published for the week ending November 29, 2013.

    This week it again remains a statistical certainty that a top will form at or near current levels – and it may take place as soon as the coming weeks.

    Now even though a market top of some degree is now a statistical certainty, the more important question is whether the top that forms here will turn out to be the major top that then leads stocks into a major bear market decline or it simply turns out to be yet another bear trap – and only our trend signal analytics will give us the answer to that question.

    So as this inevitable price reversal and topping process gets underway, we will be watching our trend analytics closely for indications that the major underlying trend is shifting from up to down.  At this time it should be noted there is no technical evidence of such a shift being underway (ie stocks are still bullish).

    As usual, when any significant trend changes do take place as determined by objective trend analytics models, we will immediately let you know (paid subscribers only).

    Please enjoy the video!



    Paul Thomason

    Editor, Elliott Wave Market Service

    Images: via Flickr (licence attribution)