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The Generational Bull Market In Gold

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    September 21, 2013

    Gold has suffered a variety of setbacks in recent years.  After initially topping out in the second half of 2011, gold has seen some quite dramatic declines plumbing lows not seen in more than 3 years, while losing  as much as 40% of it’s value at times along the way.

    Being one of the more widely followed financial instruments, most every one appears to have their own view on gold, where price is going and why, but very few financial commentators and analysts really seem to grasp the obvious big picture – that ever since the 1999 lows, gold has been trading in a generational bull market – one that is only just getting started and has decades yet to run.

    From a technical perspective, the charts appear to obviously confirm this, and are technically confirmed by our proprietary trend analytics models.  For those who understand Elliott Wave Theory would be familiar with the common 5 wave structure of an impulsive wave – where each trending move is followed by a proportionate counter and corrective movement.  They would also be well aware of the fractal nature of Elliot wave price labeling and how it applies across all times frames.

    With us, our paid subscribers have been following the early stages of this multi-decade generational bull market in gold closely, and what they know is that gold is currently going through what is the first of two (2) multi-year corrective processes in the larger developing multi-decade rally.  Along the way having the benefit of our analytics models to confirm the Elliott wave count positioning over multiple times frames has been invaluable thus far.

    And because we get lots of requests for updates on gold, we thought that this week we would dedicate the free weekly video log to a multiple-time frame technical analysis of the developing generational bull market currently under way in gold, just in case you hadn’t noticed it!.

    Please enjoy the video!.




    Paul Thomason

    Editor, Elliott Wave Market Service

    Images: via Flickr (licence attribution)