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Exclusive Invitation: Join EWI 5 Free Days Of Trading Opportunities

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    September 18, 2013

    You may remember that in late 2012, corn was trading near record highs. Mainstream experts said the rally would keep going. Instead, corn went into a precipitous decline to 33-month lows.

    Coffee prices have taken a similar path this year. Since January, coffee has been in a free fall to the lowest levels in four years.

    One of the few bright spots for commodity bulls has been cotton — which in August suddenly exploded upwards to its highest level in one year.

    What is standing in the way of a FULL-BLOWN commodities sector comeback?

    The rumored end to the Fed’s stimulus program later this month, say the pundits.

    Well, here’s your chance to get a different perspective.

    From September 18-24, EWI’s Senior Commodities Analyst and Trading Instructor, Jeffrey Kennedy will show you 5 online videos, each with 1 new, immediate commodity market trade set-up (market conditions permitting).

    What’s more, you will see how he goes about finding new trades.

    To participate, all you need is to take 30 seconds now to reserve your FREE virtual seat.

    Join EWI’s free “5-5-5” Trading Event now >>

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