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Gordon T. Long Interview: Is The US In Recession?

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    August 26, 2013

    I recently had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Gordon T. Long and Charles Hugh Smith, to discuss the current state of the economy and whether, or not, the U.S. is close to, or already in, a recession.  Myself, Gordon and Charles share our research on this looming question and the presentation contains 52 slides revolving around an indepth discussion on the topic.

    While I do not think that we are currently in a “statistical” recession as think of in traditional terms such as GDP; there may well be a “stealth recession” on “Main Street.”  We can see evidence of this through the underlying trends of the macro data such as the structural shift in employment, the income gap and a shrinking middle class.

    Of course, such comments always brings out criticism to the contary that the economy is clearly not in a recession and is fact on the verge of recovery.  If that is the indeed the case then the question of why the Federal Reserve continues to pump billions into the financial markets each month begs to be answered.

    Many thanks to Gordon and Charles for an interesting and broad ranging discussion that I hope you will find informative and educational.  The video narrative can additionally be viewed here.


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