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Gold: Time To Watch For New Buy Signal?

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    December 11, 2012

    Our intermediate-term technical indicators (not shown) remain on our October 16 sell signal, but gold’s decline is getting close to our initial downside target at its important intermediate-term 30-week m.a., which is currently at $1,671 an ounce.


    The short-term indicators also remain negative, but with potential trendline support just below at approximately the same level as our initial downside target.


    That support appears to be solid and gold does tend to be positive in the first few months of a new year (but not always).

    However, at the same time we have to be aware that gold has been in a very long-term secular bull market. And they do tend to end when no one is expecting anything more than another pullback that presents a buying opportunity.


    So we won’t jump the gun on our intermediate-term indicators.

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