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The Most Accurate Apple Analysis Ever Made?

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    November 15, 2012

    Last Friday I posted ‘Deconstructing The Most Hated Trade Of The Decade, The 375% BoomBustBlog Apple Call!!‘, wherein I outlined the profitability of the BoomBustBlog Apple research from a trading perspective. This crux of that article was to debunk the widely assumed notion that I was bearish on Apple’s share price for 2 years. The reality of the matter was that the paid research and opinion clearly supported much of Apple’s share price until right about the last earnings report, until I notably went bearish and Apple promptly lost 25%.

    Notice how this chart shows subscription research would have provided ample profits LONG and short, with the long presumed to be unleverred as a straight stock purchase. This is to put to bed any naysayers. Now, as to whether my many proclamations over the last two years regarding Apple were able to hold water, we let the facts speak on the reasoning behind the call and the accuracy of my call in the deterioration of Apple’s margins, market share and status. The following was a document that was only available to paid subscribers (published in late 2010) but now is freely available since its message has come to pass. As you read this, please keep in mind that the document was published a year and a half ago, even though it does seem like it is recent. I have just released fresh research on Apple that details the lower bounds (pessimistic scenario) that I see for the share price. Subscribers can access it here Apple 4Q2012 update professional & institutional and Apple 4Q2012 update – retail).

    If after reading the article linked in the first sentence and the material below, and you believe that I’m the best thing since Wall Street brokerages were private partnerships that could squander other peoples capital at insanely levered levels while misleading muppets with inanely bullshit analysis and sales pitches to 89% losses on their recommendations(reference Multiple Muppet Mashing Leaves Groupon Shareholders Holding The Bag After 89% Off IPO Coupon) just to get paid multi-million dollar bonuses instead of jsil time, then feel free to subscribe here. 

    Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 01 Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 02 Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 03 Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 04Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 05Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 06

    Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 07Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 08Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 09



    As very accurately predicted in our report published above over a year ago, Samsung has eclipsed Apple in smartphone sales and capability!

    iphone vs samsung sales  iphone vs samsung sales2



    Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 10Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 11Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 12 Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 14ipad market share Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 15Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 17


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    Reggie Middleton is an entrepreneurial investor who guides a small team of independent analysts to uncover truths, seldom if, ever published in the mainstream media or Wall Street analysts reports. Since the inception of his BoomBustBlog, he has established an outstanding track record


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