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Greece, the S&P500 and 22 New Portfolio Positions!

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    June 18, 2012

    US markets rallied sharply to close out the week as we headed into the Greek elections, which according to what we have all relentlessly been told, will decide the future of the world – hard to believe, but apparently true?.

    And as we wake up on Monday, we all must certainly be surprised to see that the sun has in fact come up and absent the impending economic and social apocalyspe that was predicted, that the Greek elections have passed us by without so much as a whimper.

    So what do we make of it all?.  World markets are rallying, the Euro is saved and everything appears fine, right?.  Wrong… again.

    From a recent email to subscribers we note the following;

    “What we can tell you is that the true reality of these Greek elections is that they, for the most part, are completely irrelevant.  

    The reason we can say this with complete confidence is because we have already seen global equity markets tip their collective hands – in fact, they have been doing so progressively for nearly a year.  As subscribers know full-well, our proprietary trend analytics models have been systematically identifying an undeniable seismic shift that has been taking place in global equity markets since the middle of 2011! – and that shift is now gaining momentum and looking to accelerate.

    So whilst all of the attention is being focused on Greece and their weekend elections, our ‘inside’ knowledge of the global equity markets has been telling us for many months that we already know the outcome, regardless of short term gyrations.  

    We also continue to know that the real market to watch here and now is not Greece or Spain, or any of the ‘distractions’, but rather it remains China.

    China remains on the cusp of breaking from a 20 year tightly compressed coiling pattern – and we should all be far more worried about the outcomes in that market than anything that is going in Europe, or anywhere else for that matter!”.  

    In fact, in the face of last week’s rally and the ‘great’ news out of Greece over the weekend, during the past 3 trading days there have been only 3 new intermediate term bullish trend signals and 6 new intermediate term bearish trend signals triggered in our proprietary trend signal analytics model – a continuing indication that the technical conditions are worsening and the market is now much more likely to expand to the downside in the coming weeks and months.

    Below is a list of the 9 stocks in the S&P500 that triggered NEW intermediate term trend signals during the past 3 trading days (via our proprietary trend signal analytics model) – and there is some big names amongst them!.  And a reminder, the typical duration of the trend following an intermediate trend signal is several months to a year or more – so we think it is a good idea to be hunkering down because it’s going to get bumpy for a while here.


    22 New Portfolio Additions

    If you have followed our US market video forecast service you will be aware that we have been looking for the counter trend rally from the recent lows to enter a specific price zone where we have repeatedly noted that we will look to position from for the next major decline.

    Over recent weeks we experienced a rapid and significant deterioration in the technicals internals of the S&P500, and accordingly each time a stock in this index triggers a new internediate term trend  signal (bullish or bearish) according to our analytics model, we have written to subscribers and let them know.  We have also noted many times that when we reached this specific price zone zone that we would send out a new advice of the stocks that we are adding to the various portfolios, and here they are;

    Beta 1.0 Portfolio

    (*all sell short)

    Beta 3.0+ Portfolio


    Plus 3 Portfolio Positions Closed


    To view the full list of open portfolio positions click here where you can see how new bearish trend signals can be leveraged into the various beta portfolios.

    *Please note that the information provided here is for information purposes only and should not be construed in anyway as advice of any sort. Please familiarize yourself our important disclaimers here before continuing.

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