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14 Critical Lessons Every Trader Should Know

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    May 7, 2011


    This valuable eBook, adapted from the $189 set of the same name, offers the 14 most actionable lessons every trader should know.  Our friends at Elliott Wave International (EWI) have brought back one of their most sought-after free resources, The Best of Trader’s Classroom eBook for two weeks only. Don’t miss your chance to improve your trading by downloading this popular trading resource.

    Download Your Free Best of Trader’s Classroom eBook Now.

    You know how difficult it can be to successfully trade the markets. And although the volatility that we’re seeing lately offers great opportunities, it can also add to a trader’s frustration. That’s why our friends at Elliott Wave International are releasing one of their most popular trading eBooks, The Best of Trader’s Classroom, free through May 16.

    Since 1999, EWI Senior Analyst and trading instructor Jeffrey Kennedy has produced dozens of Trader’s Classroom lessons exclusively for his subscribers. EWI reviewed over 100 lessons and selected these 14 that offer the most critical information that every trader should know.

    Now you can download these valuable lessons in their 45-page Best of Trader’s Classroom eBook, free.

    You’ll learn:

    • Why Emotional Discipline Is Key to Success
    • When to Place a Trade
    • How to Set Protective Stops
    • What It Takes to be a Consistently Successful Trader
    • And 10 more!

    Download Your Free The Best of Trader’s Classroom eBook Today
    (Don’t hesitate! This offer expires May 16.)