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Bank Of America in Wikileaks Crosshairs

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    December 20, 2010

    According to an advance preview of an interview with Julian Assange by the Times of London’s Alexi Mostrous, the Wikileaks founder has announced that he has “enough material to make bosses of a major US bank resign.” While this can be merely the latest step in the chess game between Wikileaks and Bank of America, with the former assumed to hold destructive material on the other, with the latter escalating last Friday and blocking all of Wikileaks payments, as we reported over the weekend, it may potentially hold some insight into just what material Assange has on either Brian Moynihan, or some other bank executive. On the other hand, keep in mind that the Times of London is the only newspaper which has recently instituted a paywall with unpleasant result: as previously reported the Times, has scared off its advertisers and readers in droves, so there is always the possibility that this is merely a publicity stunt along the lines of how the Guardian got its traffic to explode and kill its site several times during the original cablegate releases.

    That said, the plan likely has worked, and the entire (at least financial) world will be tuned in to see just what details the Times releases tomorrow, although it is likely safe to assume that nobody’s hopes are very high: after all, many wonder just what Assange is waiting for to release his latest docket of banking data. We can only hope our skpeticism has taken the best of us this time…

    via Will Julian Assange Make Brian Moynihan (Or Another Bank CEO) Resign? | zero hedge.