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Unmasking Unintended Consequences

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    December 20, 2010

    The NIA continues with its series of bite-sized video documentaries exposing the stupidity and lies out of the US government. While the previous clip looked at a fictitious world in which the dollar had just died, today’s is one which analyzes the plethora of unintended consequences that emerge as a result of the government’s centrally planned tinkering. As always, it is a must watch, even if one does not agree with the NIA’s overarching theme that government policies will ultimately result in uncontrollable price moves following the destruction of the reserve currency.

    Among the ‘myths’ debunked are:

    • Cash for Clunkers was good for economy and the environment
    • The inflation tax generated by government intervention
    • Foreign oil dependence

    And much more lunacy that would make Stalin proud. Worth the 10 minutes.