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Video Report: S&P500 Elliott Wave Forecast…On The Precipice?

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    July 12, 2010

    S&P 500 Elliott Wave Forecast

    From Elliott Wave Global Market Service

    Taking an objective look at the S&P500 it would appear likely that there are plenty of reasons why these markets might be close to completing major topping patterns right now. In our view, it is looking increasingly likely the S&P500 is again set for another significant swoon in prices at any time now in what is likely to be a very strong second down wave in a much larger downtrend move.

    With the use of a combination of Elliott Wave Theory and technical analysis we can identify that the majority of technical evidence is indicating a range of larger bearish topping chart patterns forming now, patterns that are likely to lead to swift declines to much lower prices.

    Interestingly, there are now forming a confluence of factors that are pointing to significant tops forming right now with a great deal of downside potential if these patterns play out as we expect – and in most cases declines look set exceed 60% of current price levels in most markets over the longer term. On a short term basis, a range of topping patterns appear to be close to completion now and are indicative of a 10-20% crash move developing at any time.

    Other than a host of technical indicators and bearish technical chart patterns, the most obvious indication of a major move lower is a near complete bearish Elliott Wave count, that if correct will usher a larger crash move in the near term

    Rather than go through the individual detail, I have decided to attach to this article a special copy of an S&P500 Forecast Video from the 28th of June that details the prevailing technical evidence indicating lower prices directly ahead.

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    Paul Thomason

    Founder, Elliott Wave Global Market Service