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An Educational Series For Chart Pattern Traders And Investors

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    July 1, 2010

    From Elliott Wave Global Market Service

    This is the first in what will be a long series of free technical trading educational articles that I am in the process of publishing.  To receive an alert when a new education article in the series is posted by me you can enter your email address below – I will also include a week of our premium subscriber video services at no cost when you register.

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    Now, you can give a clipboard and a stethoscope to any member of the general public that happens to be passing by.However do you really think anybody knowing this would actually allow this person to diagnose and treat them?.  I doubt it. Throughout the series of these many articles and via my upcoming series of technical analysis training videos I am going to give you the tools to make considered decisions that will help you to invest successfully.

    In these articles and videos I will give you advice on which patterns to follow and which patterns to avoid.  How you choose to use these patterns and my advice is up to you, whether or not you happen to make money from this advice, again that is entirely up to you.

    So if you are considering becoming the proud (or not so proud owner) of a new stock then you really should consider reviewing my articles to understand these patterns and their implications to your stock. The information that I will give you for some of you will be new, for others it will be a refresher about the pattern identification quirks, performance, as well as tips on how you might get in sooner, or potentially become more profitably.

    Once you have reviewed the patterns, it is then time to look for similar patterns in the same stock (you do this using different time scales as well), and if that does not work, you should search for similar patterns in stocks within the same sector. Personally I review them closely to determine if the price and patterns can be applied to the current situation. I do this for the purpose of determining if there is anything to be learnt from previous mistakes.

    While doing this you should consider starting the process of paper trading the chart formations of your selected stocks (don’t panic this process only takes a few minutes a day per stock). So even if you are an experienced investor (like me with more than 15 years experience), I find that the real benefit of paper trading is that it keeps me alert and agile.

    Going through this process has made the task of buying or selling a stock a much more disciplined and reflex action rather than having to make a conscious laborious effort . The continual checking on how the chart pattern is progressing makes me to
    develop a muchmore intuitive feel for the patterns, the stock, and indeed the market.

    I will posting a long series of articles on trading patterns and formations over the coming weeks and months that are going to be completely free for registered users of Elliott Wave Global Market Service.  The registration is free and only takes a few seconds, and it does not require any personal or credit card details.

    If you do register, I also give away a week’s free membership to our premium service which includes all of our market and stock video forecasting services to all new registrations.

    For much more on technical analysis and market forecasting and to get a week of free market forecasting videos visit Elliott Wave Global Market Service.