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Bond And Fixed Income Assets And Investment Trading

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    June 22, 2010

    Bond trading is a very complex investment process that individual investors should leave to experienced fixed income and bond mutual fund managers. The trading of bond and fixed income assets is substantially more convoluted than the pricing of equities. Moreover, fixed income and bond market price determination is much more opaque, and fixed income and bond securities and the fixed income and bond markets have substantial price spreads. From a realistic perspective, you purchase bond and fixed income securities at retail cost and dispose of fixed income assets at less advantageous discount wholesale values that substantially are in favor of the bond market traders. Individuals would do better to learn a greater amount about bond index fund investments and exclusively buy fixed income securities with the lowest fee bond investment funds.

    Fixed income investing investment pricing is substantially different from the markets for stock securities. A public firm most often has just a single type of common stock asset security. On the other hand, this same public company might have tens, even hundreds, of separate outstanding bond and fixed income investment securities. Very few individuals have the necessary skill, knowledge, information, and experience to evaluate bond investment securities pricing. Fixed income securities have differing value aspects than do common equities. Furthermore, issued and outstanding bond investment securities require alternate methods of valuation.

    Common stock securities give the investor a claim to a portion of the stock market value of the public company and to its dividends, when the Board of Directors declares such dividend payments. In comparison to stocks, corporate bond securities allow their investors a greater right to the firm’s cash generation to make bond and fixed income security interest plus principal payouts. When bond owners’ ownership claims to the publicly traded firm’s cash earnings are not satisfied, then bankruptcy might be required. The firm may be forced to liquidate in bankruptcy court, and all equity ownership may flow to its creditors and bondholders. These bankruptcy proceedings are usually very difficult, distasteful and slow events.

    These concerns are referred to as the risk of default. Projections about the different potential for default could cause substantial price differences for fixed income and bond investments which otherwise would have the same prices. Figuring out if fixed income obligations would reliably be paid by fixed income issuing enterprises during the term of the bond asset is best left to very experienced bond and fixed income index mutual fund money managers. Sophisticated financial planning software with a personal financial software tool is required to generate a much more reasonable long-term money management strategy that uses fixed income and bond investment securities. To generate a thorough plan for your financial freedom requires that you use the best financial planning tool with the best investing calculator and the best financial planning worksheets. This is where to get the best all-in-one personal financial program home PC program with the leading retirement planning calculator program, the top financial budgeting software, and high quality investing calculators for your do-it-yourself lifelong personal finance planning activities.