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COMPLIMENTARY REPORT: Explosive New Analysis About Euro and European Debt

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    May 21, 2010

    Explosive New Analysis About Euro and European Debt

    European Greece Debt CrisisEuropean Debt: Market moves around the world can impact your portfolio. So whether you know it or not, you probably have a stake in Europe’s financial future. You must read this explosive new free report from our friends at Elliott Wave International. They’ve been anticipating and tracking the growing debt crisis in Europe, and they’re giving away some of their best forecasts and analysis for the region — for free.

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    As you well know, Europe’s debt crisis has been a mainstay in the news — and in the minds of investors — over the past few months. The Greek bailout has calmed some nerves, but it has failed to recognize the true cause for the crisis, according to a new report from Elliott Wave International.

    Back in February, when the modern-day Greek tragedy appeared to be contained by all media accounts, our friends at EWI anticipated yet another wave of debt woes across Europe. Here’s what EWI’s European chief market analyst, Brian Whitmer, wrote on Feb. 26:

    “Greece’s woes aren’t over, and neither are its neighbors, meaning that more surprises are sure to come.”

    Whitmer and his colleagues have been anticipating and tracking the growing debt crisis in Greece, Spain, Portugal and other European nations. Their analysis is so valuable and so timely right now that they’ve decided to give you their latest paid analysis on Europe in a new free report, “European Debt: An Elliott Wave Perspective.”

    Their explosive five-page report is jam-packed with forecasts and analysis originally published for EWI’s paying subscribers. It shows you the real-time power of Elliott wave analysis in European markets, and it reveals what’s next for the euro and European solidarity.

    For the REAL story on Europe — independent from media assumptions and conjecture — read this prescient new report from EWI.

    Download your free report, “European Debt: An Elliott Wave Perspective,” now.

    European Greece Debt Crisis