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The dollar is dead!, long live the dollar!….

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    September 13, 2009
    US Dollar Bill
     Why is everyone so down on the dollar?..
    See what we are saying about the overwhelmingly bearish sentiment towards the US dollar at the moment.

    Very recently www.trade-futures.com reported a bearish sentiment index reading of 96% – analysts and brokers overwhelmingly see the end for the dollar, even the UN is looking to start a new global currency and scrap the dollar!.

    Bearish sentiment levels have not scaled these heights for years, something we correctly forecast happening. Find out inside what this means for the stock market and for the dollar and why there has never been a more critical time to be correctly positioned.

    In fact, a number of markets including currencies and metals are registering sentiment measures that tell a crtical tale about where they are heading from here.

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