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    One thing is always constant in markets, and that’s change.  And from what I can see, it appears that 2015 is going to look nothing like 2014 and change is exactly what we are going to be getting – whether we like it or not.

    With a major change in the complexion of the markets, this is going to present some very unique opportunities in 2015.  Two such opportunities come in the form of silver and the Japanese Yen, both of which have now reached multi-year inflection points from where major changes are about to occur.  Adding significant weight to the case for silver and yen becoming two of the best (and easiest) trades of 2015 also stems from what we see taking place currently in the US Dollar.

    The US Dollar has now reached a point where the outcome of price has reached a clear statistical enivitability in 2015.  And so, this is a simple and straightforward opportunity that we should be taking advantage of (if you are so inclined).  From my experience in the markets, it doesn’t get much easier than this – Paul Thomason, Editor and Founder.

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